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The Australian Light Horse Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of the men and the horses who served overseas in the Boer War and again in WW1. We sent away some 166,000 horses and only one returned, a symbol of all those horses which did not come back.


Graham Brown on his ASH "Karalee Destiny" and Silas Sonter on his horse "Willie" at the Exeter Village Association Anzac Day Commemoration, 2008

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Graham & Destiny
Graham Brown on Karalee Destiny
Silas and Willie
Silas Sonter on "Willie"
Graham and Silas
Graham and Silas in Light horse Half Section
Graham and Destiny
Graham and
"Karalee Destiny"
Graham Leading Parade
Graham and "Karalee Destiny" leading the Parade
Graham and Destiny at Attention
Graham and "Karalee Destiny" at attention

Graham & Jan in Light Horse
Graham and Jan as members of the 1/15 NSW Lancers based in Parramatta.

This was the oldest Cavalry unit in Australia formed in 1885 and this Mounted Detachment, of which they were a part, existed from 1977 to 1988.